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  • 2022 / 01 / 14

website completed. now i can use this place to store all of my garbage thoughts.

i think i want to eventually add a function to toggle the rating of art so i can just post everthing on here, and then also maybe a rudimentary tagging system, but for the time being, it's done for real this time.
i'm also going to replace my "© latchk3y" with "powered by neocities", because this website is actually pretty phenomenal, and there's a LOT of artists on here i enjoy a lot. the most popular one i saw was some lain artist, but goddamn is that stuff snazzy. really dig it.

anyways. i'll post updates here as they come.

peace peace.


  • 2022 / 01 / 13

after a lot of delay, procrastinating, and finally sitting down to work on it, i have a functional website.
granted, it's a static website, it's not very pretty, and it's very, very simple.

but goddamnit, it's here.

i can only hope people get some use out of it, as much as i hope to. i'll be using this place to post about any particular goings-on i might have, as well as any updates for projects or releases or whatnot. i'll work on actually putting useable links up tomorrow. whenever i get the $5 to spare, i'll also toss it towards neocities so I can make the URL go through
so that's that then.

peace peace.